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Madrasa Application Form

Download the Madrasa Application Form or fill it out below:

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    Please complete All sections

    Applicant's Birth Certificate

    Upload a copy of Applicant's Birth Certificate

    Student Details

    Applicant’s Name

    Parent’s / Guardian’s Name

    Home Address

    Post code

    Applicants Email

    Applicants Home Tel

    Applicants Work Tel

    Applicants Mobile Tel

    Applicants Gender

    Applicants Date of Bith

    Applicants Age

    Does the applicant have any relatives studying at this madrasa?

    If yes, please state the name(s) and relationship to applicant:

    Emergency Contact Details




    Post code

    Home Tel

    Work Tel

    Mobile Tel

    School Details

    School Attending

    Previous Islamic Education Details

    Last Madrasa / Masjid Attended

    Reason for Leaving

    Subjects studied and level reached:

    Qaidah / Holy Qur’an (Nazira / Hifz)


    Other Subjects Studied

    Details of any other relevant Information

    (Personal circumstances, illnesses, allergies, learning difficulties.etc.)

    Reason for Leaving

    Doctor's Details

    Doctors Name

    Doctors Tel

    Please Read and accept the Rules and Regulations

    1. The minimum age for admission is 5 years old.
    2. A copy of the birth certificate is also required for administration purposes.
    3. All students and parents shall be expected to conform to all rules and regulations, and no exceptions shall be made for anyone.
    4. All students shall be expected to conform to Islamic guidelines, as advised by their teachers, in relation to dress and appearance.
    5. All absences must be explained by a note signed by the parent / guardian.
    6. To show any form of disrespect to the trustees, teachers or staff of this institute will be judged as inexcusable and any student found guilty of such behaviour will be liable for dismissal.
    7. The institute reserves the right to terminate any student’s admission when it deems necessary. Anyone whose admission is terminated has no legal remedy against the institute.
    8. Students must not bring unnecessary items into the Institute, and must look after their belongings whilst on the premises. The Institute shall not accept responsibility for any damage to and / or loss of any student belongings.
    9. Student(s) and/or their parents / guardians shall be liable for the cost of any damage to the Institute property.
    10. The fee for each student is paid towards reserving the child’s space and not for teaching or attendance.
    11. All fees must be paid on time.
    12. All students must be punctual and regular in their attendance in class.
    13. Students are expected to attend and arrive on time to Institute and are not allowed to arrive late or leave early except in exceptional circumstances, supported by confirmation by the parent/ guardian.
    14. Any student who leaves the Institute without notice or without a valid reason will only be put back on the waiting list, at the discretion of the Institute.
    15. Absence by a student of 3 weeks or more without notification may automatically terminate the child’s place from the Institute.
    16. Any student whose continued presence at the Institute is deemed to be harmful, to the Institute and/or other students, shall be excluded from the Institute and in any such case the decision of the Institute shall be final
    17. All students shall be responsible for having the necessary equipment/material and maintaining their own pens, pencils, Qaidas, Siparas etc.
    18. Parents/guardians shall be expected to ensure that any homework/tasks given to students is/are completed and submitted upon the requested time.
    19. All students shall be assessed upon admission and at regular periods during their education, and shall be graded and allocated classes according to their ability and requirements.
    20. Administrative decisions such as class allocations, setting of timings, holidays and setting the syllabus etc. shall be made at the sole discretion of the Institute.
    21. The Institute shall not be responsible for transport arrangements to/from the Institute, nor for any incident occurring outside Institute premises on any such journey
    22. The Institute reserves the rights to amend existing rules or introduce new rules at any time.
    23. In the event of any dispute/disagreement the decision of the Institute shall be binding and final.

    I Parent/ Guardian have read, understood and accepted the rules and regulations of the Institute and also provided a photocopy of the applicant’s birth certificate.